Align | Create | Engage

If I know you, you are a passionate leader committed to motivating your team so they can continue to solve complex problems, in a way that makes them feel energized.

However, you are realizing that it’s difficult to keep your team as engaged as they were on their first day of their job. You may be experiencing turnover of talented individuals, or perhaps you’re noticing members of the team are feeling stuck, burnt out or even unsure about their career growth. At this stage, it feels like you are working from a place of reactivity and relying on band-aid solutions to get the job done.

In order to retain top-talent and preserve the culture you’ve worked hard to create, you’ll need a passionate HR professional to act as your thought partner and help you create an intentional people strategy.

In our modern technologically advanced times how we work is just as important as the work we are doing. At Mindful HR I help leaders get clear on what matters most, create training and programming that aligns with business objectives to engage and retain their teams.

People are the heartbeat of your organization. As Simon Sinek says, “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”

My process is unique in that I bring an embodied approach to my work. I coach and lead by building trusted, authentic relationships and  leveraging the wisdom of my lived HR & leadership experiences, while listening to my intuition.

My Process

I recognize that each company is unique and at different stages. Having said that, I tailor my phased approach accordingly. Below is an idea of what you can generally expect when working with me

Phase 1 | Align

Together, we identify and align on your company vision, mission & values. This process creates a solid foundation that serves as an aspirational compass, guiding decision making and priority setting. I believe a company’s vision, mission and values are the heartbeat of the organization that empowers every person in the company to take ownership and achieve success.

Phase 2 |  Explore

I incorporate Appreciative Inquiry into this process, using three key elements; Discover, Dream and Design. I meet with a variety of members on the team and ask questions to understand aspects of internal culture and communication. In this phase I listen to uncover what is and isn’t working, along with identifying ideal visions of what people see is possible to create.

Phase 3 |  A Way Forward

The goal of this phase is to create a roadmap of clearly defined priorities and objectives. Keeping the company’s vision, mission and values in mind I synthesize my learnings to make recommendations on potential future actions. At times, I may help you create philosophy that serves as an anchor to revisit in the design of programming, training and communication. (A few examples include philosophy for learning and development, performance management, etc).

Phase 4 | Delivery & Execution

Now that we have invested in creating intentional strategies, philosophies and roadmap, this is where we get moving! A this phase I get busy to create, design and deliver our plan. We identify key stakeholders that I will work cross-functionally on communication, programming, training, etc.


Highlights of how I support leaders like you

△ HR Strategy/ Advising

△  Leadership Coaching

△ Mentor up & coming HR professionals

△  Training Design & Facilitation

△ Create programming in areas of Culture, Engagement, On-boarding, Performance Management, and more!

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