Your business is growing fast!

You and your team have hired talented individuals, created a great product, provide high quality service and are achieving strong business results. You are finding that this formula has worked really well up until a certain point, but now you are realizing what got you there isn’t going to get you to the next stage of growth and innovation.

“How do I scale growth while preserving culture?” “How do I train and develop the skills of my leaders to match the needs of my people” “How do I keep my team members engaged?” Are some of the questions that may be keeping you up at night.

As a leader, maybe you have realized that you should have invested more time in your people strategy, programs and processes to support the growth and development of your team.

I know first hand how it feels to be the one in charge, working so hard in your area of expertise, while not being aware of or anticipating what improvements need to be made in the short and long term. You may be overwhelmed, and you might not even know where to start or what questions to ask. That’s where Mindful HR comes in….


About Mindful HR

The mission of Mindful HR is to influence and develop leaders at the intersection of HR & Mindfulness. As an HR consultant, I work with you and your team as a partner, a guide and a coach to educate and empower your people managers, HR teams, and company to achieve success.

I’m passionate about helping leaders create and develop a mindful approach to HR, that enables people and businesses to thrive.

Experience has taught me that great leaders of thriving companies understand the value of investing in people. They create an environment where people feel valued, free to bring their whole unique self to work to deliver quality results. Let me help you make this come alive in your company!


Hello, I’m Landra!

With 20 years of dynamic HR and leadership experience, I’ve helped grow and transform HR at companies like Target, lululemon and One Medical. Since creating Mindful HR I’ve worked with and supported the growth of HR and leaders at a variety of VC and start-up companies. As a teacher and practitioner of mindfulness, I take a unique approach, integrating mindfulness practices into my work with clients.

However, things didn’t always flow with ease.. Earlier in my career while working for Target stores I was responsible for $40 million a year in revenue, mind you while in graduate school. I managed the business, operations, and people. I was the leader who felt like I had to hold it all together. I couldn’t be vulnerable to share where I was failing or when I needed support. I wasn’t handling stress and I was putting on the cloak of  “everything is fine.” The irony is that people could see right through that.

I was working from a place of reactivity and burnout, which had an adverse effect on the results of my performance, my team, and ultimately the business.


Luckily, my story gets better! With a desire to feel less stress and more balanced, I turned to embodiment practices like yoga, meditation & mindfulness. These practices gave me the tools to lead from a place of possibility, authenticity, and compassion.

With this new awareness, I chose to work for companies where self development, full expression of self (vulnerabilities, mistakes, and all) were welcomed. I was fortunate to have been coached by leaders who were role models to me and invested in my personal growth, which empowered and inspired me to become the leader I am today.

My past career experiences helped me shift and grow as a leader; I finally learned how to work in a way that was sustainable. I want to help leaders, like yourself, elevate leadership across the company to make a lasting imprint on the experience and retention of your people. Let’s make a positive impact on your teams and business together!